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Save Max Real Estate - How We Secured 3300% ROI in the First 90 Days

When we launched Questidea, our digital marketing agency, we had a very clear idea of who our ideal client was: Businesses who want more leads in order to generate more business.  We also knew that to succeed, we needed to develop a solid understanding of our target customer and their needs. That meant speaking with as many potential customers as we could, and doing our research, too.

After speaking with hundreds of companies and taking note of their needs, we found that, for the vast majority of businesses, not only generating leads is important but also nurturing them and making them ready to buy is an area of concern. That’s why we built out a custom CRM system that helps companies nurture their deals via automated text messages & emails.

How We Delivered Our Marketing Goals:

Save Max Real Estate is one of the biggest Real Estate Brokerages in Canada. With over 700 Agents & 60+ Franchises, Save Max was struggling to get a good ROI in their digital marketing efforts.

After the initial talks with the Save Max team, we quickly realized they want more quality leads and a system to automatically follow up with them so their agents do not waste time.

They wanted to know how many leads we could generate in the first 30 days of working with them and how much money they have to spend on marketing during that time.

The answer was 900 leads at $10,000 spent on paid ads per month.

We knew that if we could get these numbers in the first 30 days of working with a company, they would continue to work with us because they’d see the return on their investment.

To hit these goals, we needed to do three things: 

    • Run Paid Ads Across Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok
    •  Create landing pages designed to convert visitors into leads
    • Have an automated CRM to nurture the leads via automated text/ email messages.

Generating the leads was our number one goal. We started running Google & Facebook ads and within the first 3 months we were able to generate more than 2750 Leads with an average cost per lead of $11.

Building up a good number of quality leads was our first priority but we knew that we have to build an automated system in place to follow up with the leads. So, even though Questidea is an agency that’s focused exclusively on generating more leads for businesses via digital marketing, our next step would be to design an automated process to nurture the leads and turn them into customers.

How We Built Lead Qualification Systems

In order to increase the ROI, we needed to develop a lead qualification system. This system is comprised of two components: Lead Tracking, and Lead Follow-Up. It’s based on work done by top marketing experts who study lead conversion rates and patterns in order to maximize customer acquisition and ROI.

we automated our follow-up process by building out a full flow, with automated SMS/ Email and calls to engage with leads.

This system works like a charm. As soon as a lead is created, they will receive custom SMS/ Emails and the flow will send them different follow-ups based on their interaction. This automated system not only saves time but also helps turn the leads from Cold to Warm.  As soon as the lead responds the company would get a notification that you have a new warm lead.

This system allowed Save Max to increase their lead conversion and they closed 37% more transactions than before.

How We Built out Tracking

To be successful, we knew that we needed to focus on a proper tracking system.

That’s why we built out our custom CRM.

This CRM shows our clients how much they have spent, how many leads they got, in which stage their leads are, and how much money they made.

Not only that, they can send SMS/Emails to the leads from the CRM, Call them and listen to the recording of the calls

The Bottom Line

Save Max was able to close 100 deals with our smooth process with only 30,000$ ad spend.

That’s an ROI of around 3300%.

If you want your business to get the same results, get in touch with us.