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We started marketing AVA Window Fashions as a completely new business with no sales.

When it comes to Home Service Businesses there are 2 important factors which lead to more revenue.

  1. Generating Leads 
  2. Nurturing Leads

Generating Leads is possible with 2 different strategies,

  1. Paid Ads
  2. Organic Tactics ( SEO, LOCAL SEO & SOCIAL MEDIA)

It’s Important to know that paid ads are more of like a quicker way to increase revenue while organic tactics like SEO & Social Media are long-term investments with higher ROIs.

We at Questidea believe that the key to a good marketing strategy is to understand the cost per new customer acquisition and the average net profit of each customer.

If we understand these 2 concepts we can tailor the perfect strategy for each client that helps them be positive on their return on investment. 

So Let’s Take a Look at what we did for AVA:

1.Optimized Paid Ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram & TikTok

Paid ads are a vital part of any marketing strategy. The important thing is anyone can set up a campaign on Google, Facebook or Instagram but the art is in getting the best ROAS (return on ad spend).

There are 4 main important tactics that make the perfect ad:

  1. Product Offering
  2. Ad Creativity
  3. Copywriting
  4. A High Converting Landing page

After testing various combinations of all different pillars, QuestIdea successfully built a campaign that is getting leads for less than $10 CAD. AVA is closing 10% of the leads so the customer acquisition cost of AVA is less than $100 CAD while the average order value exceeds $2000 CAD. That’s a 2000% return on ad spend.

Here is an example of a video we used to promote our services:

But the story does not end here, In order to increase the ROI, we needed to develop a lead qualification system. This system is comprised of two components: Lead Tracking, and Lead Follow-Up. It’s based on work done by top marketing experts who study lead conversion rates and patterns in order to maximize customer acquisition and ROI.

we automated our follow-up process by building out a full flow, with automated SMS/ Email and calls to engage with leads.


This system works like a charm. As soon as a lead is created, they will receive custom SMS/ Emails and the flow will send them different follow-ups based on their interaction. This automated system not only saves time but also helps turn the leads from Cold to Warm.  As soon as the lead responds, the company would get a notification that you have a new warm lead.

This system allowed Save Max to increase their lead conversion and they closed 37% more transactions than before.

2. SEO

Studies show that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. Being properly ranked on Google for keywords related to your business would give you an edge over the competition. The good thing about SEO compared to paid ads is that although it’s a long process and won’t give you the results right away, it would work even if you stop working on it while stopping your activity on paid ads would never get you any results.

QuestIdea has helped AVA find its right place on Google on the related keywords that resulted in a 4000% growth in website traffic.

3. Google My Business and Local SEO

Getting top ranks on Google Maps is very important for local businesses. This is called Local SEO and starts with setting up a GoogleMyBusiness account. QuestIdea used various tactics to rank AVA on the top 10 results of Google Maps on 3 keywords resulting in a 500% increase in getting calls and visiting the showroom.


4. Website redesign to increase conversion rate

AVA’s previous website was not mobile responsive and therefore didn’t load properly on mobile devices, studies show that more than 50% of global website traffic is on mobile devices, therefore AVA was losing more than half of its traffic. Also, AVA’s website was not designed for the ideal conversion of the business, which was booking an appointment and therefore AVA was losing all of the website visitors and probably burning all of its marketing budgets. Last but not least, the website design was not eye-catching, and studies show more than 70% of online users admitted that they judge a business based on its website design. This would get worse when businesses are in home-design industries like window treatments.

QuestIdea completely redesigned AVA’s website with the goal of optimizing website conversions. The new website is properly designed and fits a window treatments company, it’s also optimized for the ideal conversion that is booking an appointment and is completely mobile responsive.

AVA’s new website conversion rate increased by 60% after making these adjustments.

4. Social Media strategy

Everyone is now on social media and nowadays nearly all businesses have at least one social media channel. Finding the right social media channel where you can meet your ideal target customers is the first step into your social media efforts. Then you have to come up with your social media strategy which is a document outlining your social media goals, the tactics you use to achieve them and the metrics you will track to measure your progress. We have identified Instagram as the primary social media platform for AVA since their target customers are using this platform more than anything else. We have then set up our goals for our social media and transformed the Instagram page like this:

AND GUESS WHAT?  We saw an 1800% increase in the DMs we are getting from clients while having less than 600 followers.

5. Focusing on reviews & Customer Testimonials

Social Proof is very important for any business. Imagine you’re walking down the street looking for a place to have dinner, 2 out of 3 restaurants have people eating inside, and the other one is empty. Which one are you gonna choose? It’s a psychological thing, People follow the actions of the masses, and when it comes to online advertising, customer reviews and testimonials work like social proof. Having a perfect strategy to generate consistent reviews and video testimonials is vital for businesses to increase their conversion rate and sales, but customers usually don’t have the time and usually ignore reviewing businesses. That’s why we have developed a strategy for AVA that resulted in more than 110, 5-star reviews on Google and a lot of video testimonials which we use on the website, social media (i.e, Instagram, Facebook), Facebook & Instagram ads which help us significantly lower our marketing costs and get better conversion rates.

6. Email Marketing

Email marketing has an average ROI of 4000% making it the most effective option available. There are usually two sides when it comes to email marketing, first one is to encourage people to sign up to your email list, offering a freebie or a promo code for the first order are examples of incentivizing users to share their emails with you.

The second side is to send customized emails to users to get the best conversion rate and increase sales. Humanizing emails and talking like a human while sending the best offers are very important when it comes to email marketing. By having an email strategy and automatic emails based on user behaviour we have helped AVA increase booking appointments from email by 3500%.